Production process

Working from the raw material to the finished product, going through all the consulting and design of the components

PMP MULTITASK shares with its customers all the required steps for the realization of the piece, analyzing the history of operations and proposing suggestions for improvement

Component development consulting (DFM)

Our team of engineers at PMP has over 30 years of experience helping customers find the perfect manufacturing approach for their components.

Our experts will guide you through the Design for Manufacturing process, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness and identifying the best compromise between design, ergonomics and performance.

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Time to market
Meeting lead times is essential for our partners in new product launches and inventory management. PMP offers logistics solutions such as "VMI".
Done in one
With our machining centres, the finished product is obtained in a single machine placement, reducing lead time and increasing precision thanks to the integration of all the necessary operations.
Stress free machining
Our technical approach avoids overheating and stress of the component, especially in PH materials. This minimizes dimensional variations and geometric deformations.
We are certified ISO 9001:2015, an internationally recognized standard.
lavorazioni cnc
CNC Machining
IMG 9949
Sandblasting and shoot peening
IMG 9976
IMG 9969
Mechanical polishing
IMG 9959
Washing and degreasing
IMG 9938
Laser marking
IMG 3593
Laser welding
Stampaggio a iniezione
Injection moulding
Controllo qualita
Quality check
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